"God loves when the one of you does
a job to perfect it"Hadeeth Sharif

About Us

The foundation of Khabbaz Architectural Group began with an idea and brave man named: Abdul Karim Khabbaz.


In 1956 a yang adventurous entrepreneur Mr.Abdul Karim Khabbaz joined one of the leading construction companies in Syria as an executive manager.


His extraordinary devotion, energy, and integrity transformed him into a senior partner in no time.

He continued contributing to the welfare of the organization through embarking on land-mark projects such as Hims refinery, Baniyas refinery and many others wide-scale facto-rise which were all engraved in the essence of the essence of Khabbaz group formation.


In 1991 his son Eng. Basel Khabbaz graduated with a degree in architecture, and soon led the direction of Khabbaz group into the new era, focusing on architectural projects. They evolved into a specialized and ingenious architectural group, established thir footprint with bricks and stones in highly praised projects.


The growth continued along with strong equity of forcein architectural design and execution to be reckoned with dozens of highly talented and creative engineers from various specializations participate in the creation of one of the leading and most promishing.




Our Vision


The real estate and architecture market is becoming an essential communication tool in transforming traditional marketing messages into lasting experiences through design and creativity.

Khabbaz group is a pioneer in crafting innovative solutions that translates the emotions and desires of visionary entrepreneurs into reality.

Our vast experiences and knowledge in architecture and construction; along with the unmatched talent of our team brings to originality of design, productivity of operation, and a holistic delight.

Welcome to the future.